One more local case has been confirmed in NSW, and the Greater Sydney Mask Order is on!Supermarkets, restaurants, and shopping centers increase in the list of outbreak sites

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New South Wales recorded a new local confirmed case of COVID-6 on Friday (June 18).In the next five days, buses in the Greater Sydney area will be obliged to wear masks.

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  • One new case of local diagnosis in NSW, mandatory wearing of masks on buses in Greater Sydney
  • With the relaxation of epidemic control, Victoria records a new locally transmitted case


One new case of local diagnosis in NSW, mandatory wearing of masks on buses in Greater Sydney

Governor of NSWSay,The new infected person appears to have contracted the virus in Myer in the Bondi Junction Westfield shopping mall on June 6.The driver who was previously diagnosed had appeared at the venue on the same day.
Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant said the surveillance video being viewed showed that the two cases had "short-term contact" in the store.
Since this positive result was reported at 8 o’clock last nightRecorded later, so it will be included in the data released the next day.
In the 8 hours as of 24 o'clock yesterday evening, there were two new local cases of COVID-19 infection.
The first case is a woman in her 70s who attended the Vaucluse Belle cafe at the same time as the confirmed driver.
The driver’s wife also tested positive.They have eaten in many places in the eastern suburbs of Sydney and North Ryde.
The health department has not yet determined whether a Baulkham Hills man who tested positive yesterday was a "false positive" or an old case.
Say,From 18pm on Friday (XNUMXth) to the next five days, it will be mandatory to wear a mask when taking public transport in the Greater Sydney area.
"In the next five days, we hope that everyone can wear a mask on public transportation to prevent the spread of the virus."
"Some people are not contagious for some reason, and some are extremely contagious. This kind of randomness is what makes the virus scary."
List of latest outbreak sites in NSW:
The following are places of close contact.Anyone who has been to the following places at the listed time is a close contact. Please be tested immediately and self-quarantine, and wait for further advice from the NSW Department of Health.(新州卫生厅网站6月18日13:23分更新)

The following are occasional places.任何在所列时间去过以下场所的人都是偶然接触者,请立即接受检测并自我隔离,等待新州卫生厅的进一步建议。(新州卫生厅网站6月18日13:23分更新)


With the relaxation of epidemic control, Victoria records a new locally transmitted case

随着对墨尔本和区域居民的限制放宽,维多利亚州记录了一个新的本地感染Virus cases.
The Ministry of Health confirmed only one new locally infected case on Friday, which came from the main close contact of the existing case.
The total number of active cases in the state remains 54.
在截至周四午夜的 24 小时内,约有 35,252 名维多利亚人接受了测试,而 16,710 人在州中心接种了.
这是因为墨尔本人不再受 25 公里的旅行限制,并且可以在该州第四次封锁后三周内首次进入维多利亚州地区。
According to a series of rule changes starting at 11:59 pm on Thursday, Melbourne residents can receive two adult visitors and their families every day, and gather in groups of 20 people outdoors.
Masks are still mandatory indoors, but they only need to be used outdoors if social distancing cannot be maintained.
Enterprises such as gyms and indoor entertainment venues can be reopened, while the density restrictions for offices, cafes, restaurants and bars have increased.
In remote areas of Victoria, home visits are limited to a maximum of 5 adults and their families per day, and a maximum of 50 people can gather outdoors.
If cases remain low, the restrictions may relax again within a week.
随着新州病例数的上升,首席卫生官布雷特·萨顿 (Brett Sutton) 宣布在维多利亚州的许可制度下悉尼的三个地区划为“橙色区域”,全国的焦点已经向北转移。
Those planning to enter Victoria from the municipalities of Sydney, Waverley and Woollahra must now obtain travel permits, be tested and quarantined until they get a negative result.
It is believed that he participated in the event as a work, which means that he will not violate any restrictions.
at the same time,在墨尔本第二家医院轮班工作的一名检测呈阳性护士被指责为“操作. "
Victoria’s test commander Jeroen Weimar confirmed that the nurse had been ing 私立医院治疗该州的三例住院病例,她也于 6 月 11 日至 12 日在 ing’s Northern Hospital 工作,当时可能具有传染性。
On病房工作并直接与病毒患者打交道的工作人员不应该在其他地方工作,而这一可能使另外 27 名北方医院的医护人员和 5 名患者暴露在病毒之下。

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