Cooking during the day and sleeping at night: This special industry reveals the unbearable truth of millions of elderly people

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I recently came across a new word: bed sitter.

At first glance, the three views are shattered, and after understanding it, it is thought-provoking.

What is a bed sitter?

Unlike ordinary nanny, they not only provide housekeeping services, but also provide sexual services.

The objects of care are generally elderly people.

A reporter went to the housekeeping company to make an unannounced visit, saying that he wanted to find a babysitter for the elderly in their 70s.

The person in charge of the housekeeping company said that the general nanny service, that is, washing and cooking, cleaning and sanitation, is more than 3000 yuan a month.

But if you add 1000 yuan a month, you can provide "personal services" for the elderly, cooking during the day and sleeping with them at night.

In their words:"How happy the old man is, just like being a wife".

What's amazing is that many children have acquiesced to the existence of bed sitters.They think that they are not around the old man anyway, and find a companion for the old man, even if they have done their filial piety.
But they don't know that accompany the bed sitter, can also become the old man's erotic trap.
A 70-year-old professor in Jiangsu was cheated of 30 by a 50-year-old babysitter.
At home, the two are known as their husbands and wives, and the old man also handed over the economic power of the family to Li.
If it weren't for the old man's children to see through it, I'm afraid it would be a drain on the old man's family.
There is also a 92-year-old retired teacher who hired a 35-year-old nanny Cai.
Cai's careful attention has made the elderly very satisfied.After a while, Cai said that he had a relationship with the old man and wanted to get married.
After some thoughts, the old man agreed.
Half a month after the marriage, the old man transferred the only real estate under his own name to Cai.Just after the house was transferred, Cai's attitude changed.
Unexpectedly, as soon as she returned home, she punched and kicked the old man, claiming that the old man had an "affair."
经检查,老人身上多处骨折,要留院治疗。Cai was also detained by the police.

The victimized old man still did not get sympathy from netizens

This is a nanny, it is clearly a fraudulent marriage + domestic violence.
The risk of accompany the bed sitter is that they have no relationship with the elderly, but a pure interest relationship.
After all, what can't be done for the benefit of people?
People often just look at the chaos of the bed sitter as curious news.
In fact:人的性,是一个长期被忽视的社会问题。
Beauty杜克大学对 66 到 71 岁老人的调查发现,对性有兴趣的男性为 90%,女性为 50%;
According to research by sexologist Kinsey, 94% of men and 84% of women still have sex after 60 years of age.
Even if they are older, they have desires and have more rights to enjoy the beauty of sex.
This is not an old hooligan, nor is it shameless.
We always believe that old people should be kind and amiable.
But they often overlook that they also have the most primitive desire to be born.
When depression and sexual desire exist at the same time, think about it, what will it bring?
It is out of control and chaos.
在一些公园或树林的僻静处,很多四五十岁的, Designed for人提供性服务。一到入夜时分,生意便络绎不绝。
In 2016, IOf男性艾滋病患者 1.3 万例,是 2010 年的 3.6 倍。80% of them have had prostitutes.
When I saw these news, I was shocked and lamented.
In the documentary channel of Netease News, there is a story that impressed me.

An old man often went to the "Fireworks Alley" to buy spring, but he did not change after repeated teaching, which caused a headache for the community police.
His neighbors and family members are bored with him.
Because the children of the elderly are always away, and his wife has passed away early, sometimes it is all alone during the New Year.
When you meet the person you like, say a few nice love words, talk a few pornographic paragraphs to make you laugh, if you feel it, continue to develop, and if you don't feel it, you will find the next one.
An uncle surnamed Hu had looked for a number of objects there, and proudly said that he could "four times a day".
But when asked about the reasons for frequent blind dates, he said rather sadly:
"You don't know how lonely a person is.As long as I stayed in this room, the TV was turned on overnight, and the lights were all on.
Often turn on the TV to fall asleep.Isn't it scared? Isn't it annoying to be alone? Every day, I wake up at four or five o'clock and the TV is still on."
It seems that there is only the most primitive desire.
Physiological needs are always easy to solve.
How can I fill the void in my heart?
will get 显示,2000至2010年十年间,中城镇空巢老人比例由42%上升到54%,农村由37.9%升到45.6%。2013年中空巢老人人口超过1亿。
Perhaps it is not desire that really erode and torment the elderly.
It's loneliness.
I often feel that the loneliness young people talk about is actually pediatrics.
Because we still have countless tomorrows and infinitely possible futures.
butWhat about people?
When you can see the end of life at a glance, loneliness has become a particularly terrible thing.
The most extreme ending is nothing more than a person dying in an empty room, no one knows, until it emits an unpleasant smell...
This phenomenon is called "death alone."
This also gave birth to a new industry: special cleaning companies, employees are called "solitary cleaners"
Entrusted by the housekeeper or relatives of the deceased, the cleaners wear protective clothing and breathing equipment, and are responsible for tidying up the room, organizing relics, cleaning and disinfecting.
In one case, when the cleaner arrived, the deceased had become a skeleton.
The deceased was 62 years old, with limited mobility and no work. The water, electricity and gas at home had been shut down for many years.
The most sad thing is that the old man also wrote a note:"Administrator, please help me."
But this desperate cry finally didn't come out of the room where he died.
卡罗琳·亚伯拉罕斯曾经这样说过:“简单的与人打招呼是我们大多数人认为理所当然的事情,是每天生活的一部分。但最新的显示,英Tens of thousands人都是孤独一人,没有人可以分享,哪怕只是几句简单的话。”
Although a liar is a liar, at least he can lie and ask warmth.
Perhaps for the elderly, a person who can speak is more important than money.
After thinking about it, this is not a great sorrow.
Of course, we must resolutely resist such illegal and chaotic phenomena as bed sitters.
Such a dilemma exists around us, even our loved ones.It is everywhere, but it is not inevitable.
If we can give more care to the elderly, some love.Chat with them, chat home, play mahjong, watch dramas.
I think they are already very satisfied.

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