Burst!The federal government has just announced that it is sending money to Melbourneans!500 dollars a week, you can apply together every week!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Finally subsidized

ZuoOn June 6, 3 new cases were added locally in Victoria, including oneLiving in Arcare Maidstone Nursing Home89 years old, I have received two injections of Pfizer, and this time he was diagnosed asymptomatically.

In the past 24 hours,

Victoria has carried out an almost record-breaking

57,519 tests,

23,921 vaccinations were completed,


Lianzheng Governor Andrews is suffering from injuries,


Proud of Victorians,

Call on everyone to continue fighting!


For many Victorian small and medium-sized enterprises, it is nothing more than worse...


According to media statistics, as many as 4 businesses in Victoria filed for bankruptcy in April!

4 Victorian businesses went bankrupt in April

after all,次维州的封锁是For the first time, a place has entered a lockdown without JobKeeper subsidies.

For those small Victorian business owners who have been struggling for more than half a year, can they survive this time?


According to data, another 4 companies across Victoria filed for bankruptcy in April.

The specific list is as follows:

These names may be unfamiliar to ordinary people, or even have never heard of them at all.

But in fact的经济的主体,正式靠着千万家这种不知名的小生意、小企业支撑起来的。

The federal government's life-saving money is finally here!


After a week of wrangling and the blockade in Greater Melbourne was extended again,

The federal government finally agreed to give money!

今天下午,总理莫里森和财长J Frydenberg召开新闻发布会宣布:



This subsidy policy will provide financial assistance to residents in areas that have been blocked for more than 7 days due to the new crown epidemic.


If a state or a city or part of a city enters a lockdown due to an outbreak,




Applicants must be at least 17 years old, and their status is not limited公民和PR,有合法的允许工作的的也是可以的。

Of course, there are some specific conditions that need to be met in order to get an application:

First of all, you have to be unable to work normally because of the lockdown caused by the epidemic, so you have no income.

Second, if you have already received other government subsidies related to the epidemic, such as JobSeeker unemployment subsidies, you cannot apply.

Third, if you are a full-time employee, if your salary includes paid leave related to the epidemic, you need to use it first. (But no need to consume normal annual leave)

Fourth, the "liquid assets" owned by the applicant, such as bank deposits, need to be less than 1 Australian dollars.

The above items are the conditions that applicants need to meet.


That is, the federal government needs to first position a certain area as an "epidemic hot zone."


In other words, simply because the state government announced the closure of the city is not enough to trigger.

The subsidy program will only be triggered after the state government’s lockdown order exceeds 7 days and the federal government has also identified a specific area as a “epidemic hotspot”.

Returning to the current Melbourne, Melbourne currently meets the above-mentioned conditions.

Affected Melbourne can apply for this subsidy through CentreLink from next Monday.

In addition, although this subsidy program is for the whole of Australia, in fact, only Melbourne is currently benefiting.

Therefore, Morrison also stated that he had talked with the Acting Governor of Victoria, James Merlino, and proposed to share the expenses equally with the Victorian government.

Possible options include: Commonwealth and Victoria share subsidies to individuals and companies (the Victorian government has announced more than 4.5 million subsidies to companies),

Or the Commonwealth pays for personal subsidies, and Victoria pays for corporate subsidies.

But anyway,

Melburnians who couldn't work finally got the money and took it...


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