Unblocking is in sight!Two new cases were added today, and the exposure location dropped to 2! The source of the Delta strain has been traced. It is a resident of Glen, Melbourne. The chain of infection after returning to Australia on May 279 has not been determined!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

All of Victoria Today2 new casesCase

Melbourne entryTwelfth day of emergency lockdown

The blockade was originally scheduled to be lifted on Thursday

It looks promising now

As of press time

Two new local cases in Victoria today

1 case of overseas return to Australia

There are currently 92 active cases

The total number of local cluster cases in Melbourne is about 83

24 people tested within 22,814h

There are currentlyA few mysteriesNot yet clear:

Delta 菌株如何进入?

How did the outbreak of nursing homes in western Melbourne begin?

以及 Whittleea 集群与Wollert 男子


from 9New

As the epidemic improves

Melbourne currently has279 exposure sites

The new exposure location is

outhbank、outh Melbourne、


2 newly added, the epidemic is gradually controllable

Of the two new cases added today, one is the West Melbourne Delta clusterA child in the family,一个是 Arcare Maidtone 集群被Worker's family.

The more pleasant news is that although the authorities have not yet found an epidemiological contact, they have already found the returnees.Genome link fragment:One in Returned to Melbourne on May 5 to enter hotel isolationOf际旅客与该集群之间基因组存在匹配。

Currently有明确了解传播事件可能发生在何处,但我们正在调查到旅行再到酒店All the possibilities.

Danny Pearon 部长详细说明情况:此人为Glen Eira Resident,FromSri LankaMultiplyto January 5 日进入墨尔本,并在Tested positive on the same day.There is no evidence that it has spread in the hotel quarantine area.

After that, the man in his 40s 5 月 14 日从Novotel Ibi quarantine hotel transfer toHoliday Inn HealthHotel, where he completed isolation and was February 5Come back home.

代理警察部长 Danny Pearon 表示,调查正在进行中,他可以确认旅客的There are 24 people, Including the crew.all kyBu 机组人员的 COVID-19 检测结果均为阴性。

在该男子曾入住的两家酒店工作的员工中,均No positive test results reported, All on the same floor as the man on the Novotel hotel The test results of 12 hotel quarantine personnel were all negative.

Although it is contagious in the quarantined hotel, the government stated that heCome out of the quarantine zone and no longer be contagious, So residents of Glen Eira don’t need to worry about it.

Professor Zheng also said: "This does show that there isDirect person-to-person transmissionOr through unidentified病例间接传播给家庭和The investigation is still continuing, but there are four possibilities:

The first possibility is病例传播给某人(上的另一名,并且该人继续中的某个人。

The second possibility isAfter he left the hotel for isolationspread.

The third possibility isstaff member从机场转机到第一家酒店的途中某个地方传染出来,然后再到.

The fourth possibility isAfter the case was transmitted to the hotel quarantine area,再传播到的居民。”

代理州长 Jame Merlino 也说了一段超有深意的话:我们的联系人追踪团队已经完成了我们需要他们做的事情。他们找到了病例,追踪到了他们,并隔离了他们。

Because of their excellent work,我们有望在本周晚些时候宣布,进一步放宽维多利亚地区的限制,同时会仔细考虑放宽墨尔本的限制。

McDonald's, 7-11, etc. on the list

Flemington and Campbellfield’sMcDonald's、Pacoe Vale 的 Red Rooter And some restaurants are listed as exposed locations.On Monday night, South Bank and South Melbourne’s Chemit Warehoue 以及 Maribyrnong 和 Yarrille 的 7-11Also on the list.

The complete list was last updated at On June 6th (Tuesday) at 8:08 AM.

Level XNUMX exposure location:

在列出的时间内访问了Tier 1暴露地点的任何人,必须立即隔离,进行冠状病毒(COVID-19),并从暴露之日起隔离14天。您还应该致电1300 651 160与卫生部联系。

Secondary exposure site

在列出的时间访问过Tier 2暴露地点的任何人都应紧急进行并隔离,直到获得阴性结果为止。您还应该致电1300 651 160与卫生部联系。

Level XNUMX exposure location

在列出的时间内访问了Tier 3暴露地点的任何人都应监测症状-如果症状发展,请立即进行并隔离,直到获得阴性结果为止。



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