Classmate Jia Yueting was killed, murder caused by 1.2 million loan sharks!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Liu Dong was deceived by his boss and the investment failed, causing more than 100 million to lose his money.He spread his grievances on pedestrians and killed 5 innocent lives. He will also be severely punished by the law.

Because of a loan shark, Chu Xiaoqiang was in debt and his wife was scattered and was terminally ill. After desperate, he chose to die with his enemies.
In the most extreme way, to show the world his injustice and frustration in life is undoubtedly the most wrong choice.

/ 江湖大大

Source / Big Rivers and Lakes Solution Bureau(ID: ZhiChangDJH)

In 2019, Liu Dong, who joined Dalian "Ming Style" barber shop for 6 years, has become the technical director of the branch. He has a western English name "King".
Encouraged by the boss Dong Baoguo, Liu Dong mortgaged his house and the BMW he bought with a loan in 2018 and loaned out more than 100 million.
This more than 100 million was invested in the Zhongshan Road branch of "Ming Shaping", and Liu Dong became the second shareholder.
After the opening, the business was not as hot as expected. The owner Dong Baoguo played a recharge to raise funds and moved the funds of the barber shop to invest in the restaurant.
On April 2021, 4, Liu Dong invested in this store, and even the employees’ wages could not be opened, and the store had to be closed.
The money recharged by members cannot be returned, and Liu Dong's investment of more than 100 million has also been in vain.

Liu Dong
Liu Dong, who had failed to invest, was devastated and had the idea of ​​revenge against the society.
On May 5, Liu Dong drove the BMW that was about to be taken back. At the traffic light at Wuhui intersection in Zhongshan District, he saw a large number of pedestrians crossing the sidewalk.
The frantic Liu Dong fine-tuned the front of the car to aim at the pedestrian, and slammed on the accelerator.The BMW reached 7 yards per hour within 108 seconds and snarled frantically towards innocent pedestrians.
This is the 5.22 case in Dalian that shocked the whole country. The accident caused 5 deaths and 5 injuries.
In the early morning of the next day, on May 5, in Nanchang, more than 23 kilometers away from Dalian, in the headquarters building of PATEO Investment Group, the sky was full of blood.

PATEO Investment Headquarters Building
Like Liu Dong, 58-year-old Chu Xiaoqiang has lost confidence in life. He lost his mind due to his scattered wives, terminal illness, and debts.He held a sharp knife and stabbed Zhang Xinming to death.
After Chu Xiaoqiang stabbed a man who came to rescue him, he had no attachment to the world and committed suicide on the spot.
Not the same as the cowardly Liu Dong taking revenge on society, Chu Xiaoqiang chose revenge.
Zhang Xinming's death in Huangquan originated from a loan shark with Chu Xiaoqiang eight years ago.
In 1964, Zhang Xinming was born in Nanchang, Jiangxi.
In 1985, 21-year-old Zhang Xinming graduated from Jiangxi Bank School and was assigned to work at ICBC Nanchang Branch.
The reform and opening up were like a huge wave of the times, and people at that time were all trapped in.Zhang Xinming did not like the nine-to-five life. Two years later, the 2-year-old Zhang Xinming resigned to start a business.
Zhang Xinming has no funds and no background. He came to Guangzhou, the forefront of reform and opening up, to engage in small commodity wholesale business.
He sells electronic products for long distances and has planned cultural exhibitions. As long as it is a profitable business, he has done it.
What really makes him money is his cigarette sales business.
In 1994, Zhang Xinming, who had seen the world in a big city in Guangzhou and made his first pot of gold, returned to Nanchang, Jiangxi.He opened an "Asian Song and Dance Hall" in Nanchang in accordance with the specifications of Guangzhou's entertainment city.
The introduction of Guangzhou’s advanced entertainment methods to Nanchang, the mainland, is simply a dimensionality reduction.
The business of "Asian Song and Dance Hall" was very good. Three years later, Zhang Xinming established Botai Industrial Co., Ltd. and opened another nightclub "2001 Song City".
The decoration of "2001 Song City" is extremely luxurious, and the young ladies who sing to accompany are all beautiful women.Soon, "2001 Song City" became a small and famous entertainment place in Nanchang, and dignitaries rushed to visit it.
In 1998, a distinguished guest came to the "2001 Song City". He was Xu Xiaogang, then deputy director of the Public Security Department of Jiangxi Province.
Xu Xiaogang was dressed in casual clothes, but was still recognized by Zhang Xinming who had read countless people.
When the two saw it, they quickly became brothers; every time they came to sing, they were exempt from the bill, and Xu Xiaogang became a frequent visitor.
With the help of the nobles, Zhang Xinming's business has gone smoothly. Nanchang has cracked down on pornography several times, and "2001 Song City" has been exempted.
Zhang Xinming is not content to be just an entertainment city owner. After the cancellation of the national welfare housing allocation, he was keenly aware of the opportunities in the real estate industry, so PATEO Industrial transformed and started real estate development.
As the business grew bigger and bigger, Zhang Xinming's relationship with Xu Xiaogang became closer.
Every Chinese New Year and New Year's Day, Zhang Xinming will give a valuable red envelope; in addition, he also gave Xu Xiaogang 2 watches, worth a total of 18 yuan; taking advantage of Xu Xiaogang's overseas inspection opportunity, he also gave 1 euros.
To vote for a peach, and to repay him to Li, Xu Xiaogang is also waiting for Zhang Xinming as a brother.
In June 2004, a female manager in the entertainment city cried to Zhang Xinming that her boyfriend and two brothers were arrested on suspicion of taking drugs.
Zhang Xinming called Xu Xiaogang on the spot to report on the situation. It didn't take long for the female manager and the boyfriend to be released. This made Zhang Xinming feel more face-off in front of female employees.
After Xu Xiaogang greeted him, Zhang Xinming's mining company was able to operate smoothly.
Good times are not long, 2006,许晓刚被查,随后被判刑。
However, as Xu Xiaogang's friend, Zhang Xinming retired.This shows how deep Zhang Xinming's strength is in Nanchang.
In 2013, when Zhang Xinming was in full swing, Chu Xiaoqiang, who was also engaged in real estate development in Nanchang, found him.

Chu Xiaoqiang
In this loan, the annual interest of 2000 million yuan reached 36%, and the annual interest of the remaining 1 million reached 22%.Obviously, this is a loan shark.
Zhang Xinming asked to use 85% of the Aijian Shopping Mall under the name of Tokugawa as a mortgage guarantee, so the two signed a "guarantee contract."The contract stipulates that 85% of the equity of Dechuan Company shall be transferred to Luo Yong's name designated by Zhang Xinming.
At the same time, all the certificates, seals and financial information of Tokugawa Company shall be kept by Zhang Xinming.
Obviously, Chu Xiaoqiang made a fatal mistake.He borrowed 1.2 million yuan in loan sharks from Zhang Xinming, and the equity he bought was transferred to Zhang Xinming.Legally speaking, not only did he not get the equity of the company, he also had debts.
According to the information reported by Chu Xiaoqiang under his real name, Zhang Xinming privately engraved the private seal of Yao Fuqing, the legal representative of Dechuan Company, and forged a "Guaranty Contract" that included Yao Fuqing’s 15% equity in Dechuan Company. Chu Xiaoqiang's 1.2 million loan guarantee is in place.

Chu Xiaoqiang thinks Zhang Xinming forged the contract
Yao Fuqing holds 15% of the shares of Dechuan Company, including the store on the first floor of Zhongshan Road and all the stores in the underground shopping mall, with a total value of more than 4000 million.Based on this, it can be calculated that the value of the property owned by Tokugawa Company is more than 2 million yuan.
The two "Guarantee Contracts" and all the licenses of the Tokugawa Company, the Tokugawa Company has in fact belonged to Zhang Xinming.
In July 2015, Zhang Xinming borrowed 7 million yuan from Jiangxi Supply Marketing Company with PATEO Investment, and asked Dechuan Company to sign the "Guarantee Contract" with Jiangxi Supply Marketing Company as the guarantor.Chu Xiaoqiang believed that this "Guarantee Contract" was forged, and neither he nor Yao Fuqing knew it.
In 2016, the 1.2 million loan expired, but Zhang Xinming did not repay Jiangxi Gongfeng Marketing Company.
The High People's Court of Jiangxi Province made a first-instance judgment. Xu Xiaoqiang and his wife Xiong Yunlin repaid the principal and interest of Jiangxi Gongfeng Marketing Company of 1.2 million yuan, and the repayment of principal and interest did not exceed the 1.8 million yuan that Xu Xiaoqiang and Xiong Yunlin owed PATEO for investment.
PATEO Investment first borrowed 1.2 million yuan to Chu Xiaoqiang, and then borrowed 1.2 million yuan from Jiangxi Gongfeng Company, and pulled the Dechuan Company as a guarantee.Zhang Xinming played a beautiful karate and charged Chu Xiaoqiang's interest, which was higher than the interest paid to Jiangxi Supply Company.
The Tokugawa company's property of more than 2 million yuan disappeared, and it owed a huge debt of 1.8 million yuan. Xu Xiaoqiang believed that he was being tricked.
但是,无论是在法院一审还是二审,褚小强有提供有力的关键, 以章新明伪造合同以及私刻印章的行为。
The court can only make a judgment based on facts, while Xu Xiaoqiang believes that Zhang Xinming falsified and provided virtual litigation, which led to the court's misjudgment.
However, this is only one aspect of the real-name report by Xi Xiaoqiang, and the truth and the merits of which are not known now.
After the second-instance judgment took effect, Chu Xiaoqiang fell into a trough in his life, struggling to deal with creditors' reminders every day.

Chu Xiaoqiang's medical certificate
Chu Xiaoqiang's wife, Xiong Yunlin, has never used a penny of the loan, but because of her husband and wife relationship, she has become a joint executor, which makes her feel unfair.
Chu Xiaoqiang, whose wife was scattered, was utterly devastated. On December 2020, 12, on the winter solstice, Chu Xiaoqiang, who was on the verge of collapse, reported Zhang Xinming under his real name on Weibo.

Xi Xiaoqiang's real-name report on Weibo
他在微博上写道:我老婆在此借款中未用一分钱,也被作为债务被执行人,她承担不起这感到很冤枉,因此和我离了婚,本人也因不公的精神And psychology的抑郁,患上了癌症和哮喘等多种疾病。我现在每天都要面对讨债人上门,已疲惫不堪,全家人都不知道这过年怎么过?
However, this real-name report Weibo did not arouse too many people's attention, nor did it cause even a little ripple to Zhang Xinming.
On May 2021, 5, with a mortal heart, Chu Xiaoqiang carried a sharp knife and bloodbathed Zhang Xinming's office.
Liu Dong was deceived by his boss and the investment failed, causing more than 100 million to lose his money.He spread his grievances on pedestrians and killed 5 innocent lives. He will also be severely punished by the law.
Because of a loan shark, Chu Xiaoqiang was in debt and his wife was scattered and was terminally ill. After desperate, he chose to die with his enemies.
In the most extreme way, to show the world his injustice and frustration in life is undoubtedly the most wrong choice.

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