An Aohua male was picked up at the airport and caught in a truck and died on the spot! The child has just reached the full moon, and the truck driver has been released

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

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An oversight at the crossroads,

Car collided with truck,

The tragic car accident happened instantly,

The truck driver is safe and sound,

But the Chinese driver in the car died on the spot...


The truck driver has not been charged,

Leaving the police station directly!


A tragic car accident happened,

Chinese driver died on the spot

There is such a sentence, youKnowing which one will come first tomorrow or the accident.


Sometimes when accidents happen,人们付出的可能是的代价!


This Wednesday, there was a tragic car accident near Melbourne Airport. A Chinese man died on the spot. You must know that he just upgraded to become a dad. As a result...

(Image source: herald sun)


The accident happened around 2:40 on Wednesday afternoon. Dennis Wu, 25, was driving on the road.Although the news did not give much information, it can be speculated that he may be an Uber driver.


But when he drove through the intersection of Terminal Drive and Centre Rd in Tullamarine, Melbourne, an accident happened.


(Image source: herald sun)


Here, Wu hit head-on to the side of a moving truck. From the pictures of the scene, it can be seen that the car was embedded in the link of the truck. Wu's car was almost unfavorable, especially the driving position in front of it. The most serious.


Although the truck has also suffered some damage, the volume is there and the damage is not high.


(Image source: herald sun)


Because the accident happened too tragically,Wu died on the spot!他的车上还有一名22岁的女性乘客,来自Ascot Vale区,她从残骸中被救了出来,用担架抬入一辆等候的救护车。随后被紧急送往医院.垂危。


The media interviewed Wu's friend Richard Barrera. The latter revealed that Wu is a very responsible and affectionate friend and has just been promoted to a dad. His daughter is only a few months old!


(Image source: herald sun)


Barrera said that everyone lives in the Tarneit area, and Wu is one of the most humble and kind-hearted people he has ever met.


He said:






(Image source: herald sun)




We all go to school at Baden Powell College, and most of us still live in this area.If you need him, he will always show up. He is a very honest person.He has a sense of humor and is a model of a tough guy.This may sound old-fashioned, but he is indeed a first-rate character.Many people will miss him, and I know people will remember him because of his smile...He always brings sunshine to people.





Perhaps, the police believe that this accident was caused by Wu.If the truck driver is driving illegally, he will never get out of the police station so freely.



These Australian traffic regulations must be kept in mind,




Although the police did not make an announcement, the accident occurred and the truck driver was released without any charges, which meant that Wu had violated the traffic regulations.



Indeed, in Australia, many traffic regulations are established by convention. Once violated, it is easy to be fatal.


Disregarding the regulations, tragedies are prone to happen, the dead are already gone, and what the living needs to do is to learn a lesson.


Let’s take a look at the most important and most overlooked traffic rules in Australia.


Once these traffic rules are violated, it is very likely to cause a tragic car accident. Under certain specific circumstances, a car accident can easily lead to death!



The roundabout in Australia turns clockwise. The rule is: when entering the roundabout, turn on the turn signal, turn left on the left turn signal, turn right on the right turn signal, go straight without turning on the light. If the roundabout is so large that it is difficult to see each other directly, you should use the left turn signal to indicate when you come out.


Another very important concession rule is: the right side goes first.There are generally four entrances to the roundabout. Stop before entering the roundabout and make sure that there are no cars at the entrance on your right before entering.Note that the rule on the right hand side is used in many situations.It is also suitable for intersections with no signal lights. At this time, it is generally impossible to distinguish between main roads and branch roads, and there is no give way or stop signs for prompts. At this time, vehicles on the right side of the road go first.If there is a give way or stop sign, then you have to give priority to cars in the other direction at all times.


Traffic lights

There are several types of signal lights, round lights and arrow lights. If there is an arrow light, just look at the arrow. In the case of only round lights, straight ahead is preferred (same as domestic) and must be strictly followed. Then turn left (small turn), and finally turn right (big turn). This rule is also applicable to other related concession scenarios. For example, if two cars that are facing each other need to turn into one side road, then the small turn takes priority. If there is a car that wants to turn out of this side road at the same time, you must Wait until the car on the main road turns into the branch road before turning out.

slip lane

Slip lane is a special lane used for turning left (small turn). It is usually separated. You don’t need to look at the signal lights. At this time, please pay attention to the slip lane. The car must give way. It cannot affect the straight or turn from other directions. vehicle.

U-tune turn around

Australia stipulates that at intersections with signal lights, U-turns are not allowed unless there is a sign. I forgot domestically, but Japan allows it.




In addition to these, Australia also has a large number of basic traffic regulations, such as speed limits, prohibition of using mobile phones, Stop signs, automatic zebra crossings to give pedestrians, and many regulations on merging and turning.These also need to be kept in mind.



In a car accident, a 25-year-old Chinese who had just become a dad passed away on the spot. Such a tragedy is too heavy.


Australia’s traffic rules must be remembered and followed, especially at intersections and places where there are no traffic lights. When everyone is tacitly acquiescing to a traffic regulation, failure to comply can easily lead to tragedies!


I hope all Chinese drive safely in Australia!Don't let the tragedy happen again.

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