Victoria's most wealthy and wealthy school has a "showdown", and it is so rich that it can be an enemy of the country!The truth about Australian education has been thoroughly exposed!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

On weekdays, people often use "rich as an enemy country",

To describe a city that is particularly wealthy, or a company that is particularly rich...

But what is less known is that

In Australia, many top private schools can do this properly!

A set of data recently released by Australian media,

It shocked countless netizens and caused people to sigh again and again:


The schools of the children of the rich and the schools of the children of the poor,

There is really a difference between the sky and the underground!

Schools for children from wealthy families.

It's simply "trench"!


The first exposure of Australian private school "family"!

Top 50 schools with the most assets in Australia,

Assets grow faster than real estate stocks!

According to Australian media reports recently,

In a survey conducted by The Times and The Sydney Morning Peak,

For the first time all the assets of the 50 richest private schools in Australia have been calculated:


The total asset value is 85 billion Australian dollars!



Among them, 42% of the asset growth rate easily surpassed,


These richest schools,
Mainly some old, historical boys' schools or mixed-coed schools.

These include Victorian schools:

  • Geelong Grammar

  • Scotch College

  • Melbourne Grammar

  • ……

Sydney schools:

  • Knox Grammar Schoo

  • Shore

  • The King's School 

  • ……

Anglican Church Grammar in Brisbane,


According to survey statistics, between 2015 and 2019,
The total assets of these top Australian private schools have soared by more than 40%.
About 25 billion Australian dollars.
And the income of this is mainly derived from:
Rising tuition fees, alumni donations, construction boom,
The stock market returns soaring, as well as taxpayer assistance.
Originally speaking,
School is where children go to school,
The school’s income from these assets should also be actively invested in school operations.
Create a better campus environment.
But surprisingly,
There is still so much money in these top private schools in Australia...
It's even "too many to spend"!

The current assets of Sydney Shore School alone exceed 5 million Australian dollars!

As for many other famous schools, they also reported surpluses.

According to statistics, in 2019,

The surplus of the 50 richest schools in Australia is

A$3.97 billion.

Even if they spend crazy money,
There is still a lot of surplus....

  • Cranbrook School in Sydney has begun to spend 1.25 million to rebuild its senior campus, which includes a 50-meter-long underground swimming pool.

  • Sydney's Scots College plans to spend 2900 million to build a "baron" Scottish castle-style library.

  • Melbourne Grammar in Melbourne has built a five-story science and technology center worth 3000 million with a roof garden and weather station.

  • Caulfield Grammar has a new water sports center costing 2500 million.

The expenses of these private schools,

It can only be described as "a moat"...

But what’s more shocking is that
These very rich schools in themselves,
In 2019, he even won6.26 billionGovernment funding of Australian dollars!
Among them is the surplus of at least 13 schools,
Exceeded the government's allocation of the year...

While accumulating high assets,
With 5.43 million Australian dollars in assetsShore School.
Its debt is only 5200 million....
Scotch College in Melbourne, which has assets of 3.14 million Australian dollars,
The debt is only 6060 million...
This point of liability is for their assets,
It's simply "a drop in the bucket"!

Faced with this phenomenon,

连悉尼Professor Shi Helen Proctor was amazed:

"It is shocking that these schools claim that they need public funds when they have extraordinary wealth reserves."

So who are these 50 schools?

Top 50 schools with the most assets in Australia

And through the chart, it is not difficult for us to find that
In this ranking, Melbourne’s top 20 schools,
Slightly richer than the Sydney school.

Top 20 schools with the most assets in Victoria‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

Top 20 schools with the most assets in NSW

The main reason for this phenomenon is,

The top established private schools are particularly influential in Melbourne.


And since the mid-20s,

Every Victorian Governor also has experience of receiving education in private schools.

Therefore, it is not surprising that private schools in Melbourne are richer.

Australia's top private schools are so rich that they can rival the country!

The gap between public schools and private schools,

Just like this, it’s getting bigger and bigger...

Before coming to Australia,


Welfare and national treatment are among the best in the world,

Children go to school for free...

But in fact, when you come to this country,

You will immediately feel:

"Everything in the fairy tale is deceptive..."

Because in Australia,

The schools of the children of the rich and the schools of the children of the poor,

The difference is more than a little bit, it's like a sky and an underground!

Previously, the federal government’s MySchools survey and research showed that

In Australia, the wealth of the wealthiest private schools,

After all, rich as an enemy country!

For example, Knox Grammar School in NSW,

The total income of the three years is 2.72 million Australian dollars,

Properly matched the Pacific island countries

The total national income of Kiribati!

Another example,

Sydney Grammar, Barker College, Pymble Ladies College,

The sum of three years of income,

Both exceeded 2.14 million Australian dollars!

This makes many such as the Republic of Nauru,

图瓦卢、蒙塞CountryGDP is dwarfed...

As a private school culture in Victoria,

There is no richest, only richer!

Not long ago,

A report published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that

In the recent five-year expenditure report for 8500 schools across Australia,

Among the top 5 most trenched schools, Victoria schools accounted for 4 seats!

they are, respectively:

  • Wesley College, VIC
  • Haileybury College, VIC
  • Caulfield Grammar, VIC
  • Melbourne Grammar School, VIC

The most shocking thing is that the top four most tyrant schools in Australia,

Actually killed the total cost of 1800 public schools...

果然,就像悉尼Expert Rachel Wilson said:

"in the world,

There is no place like Australia,

Separate students into "rich and poor",

Then, the government was very generous

Every year to fund those wealthy schools..."

There is no gap without comparison,

There is no "harm" without comparison!

In Australia, when those local tyrant schools "spend like money",

If you don’t move, just drop 1 million,

When building or upgrading the school’s hardware facilities,

Some public schools

But I can’t even raise money for toilet repairs...

Wesley College, Melbourne

Sydney church of england school

Knox Grammar, NSW

TakePublic school in Adelaide, Australia.

Sheidow Park Primary School.

At the end of each school year, the principal of the school, Jennie-Marie Gorman


Because of the school’s playground,


Has been built 20 years ago,

There was a lot of collapse in the playground,

Whenever it rains, there will be a lot of stagnant water...

I haven’t painted a peeling wall in 15 years,

The school looks mottled and dilapidated everywhere...

And such a dilemma is also played out in other public schools.

The exposed wires outside Sandringham College in Victoria are very messy...

The railings of Springwood High School in New South Wales have been damaged for a long time...

The ceiling of Wales Street Primary School in Victoria has fallen to the table...

For the safety of students, the school had to set up a cordon....

at the same time,

Including Sheidow Park Primary School

The 1300 public schools across Australia are also facing such a dilemma.

Many public schools,

Even for some plastic chairs

And "scream"...

According to statistics,

About one-third of public schools in Australia spend less than A$25.

The proportion of private schools is less than one-eighth.

And spend onOver 2000 million Australian dollarsSchool,

Private schools accounted for 11%,

Public schools have a poor 0.6%!

Helen Proctor, associate professor at the University of Sydney,

In this regard, "unusual" was used to express dissatisfaction with this status quo!


This isThe cruel truth!

The children of the rich can enjoy the best hardware facilities,

But children from poor families can only be...

Although all the time,

In Australia’s parent group, it’s always there

There are endless arguing about the topic of [children go to public school or private school]...

But anyway,

In the construction of school hardware facilities,

Private schools have beaten public schools!


The gap between the rich and the poor between public schools and private schools,

Still being pulled bigger and bigger...

In the future, parents want to let their children receive a better education,

I can only sell iron and send the child to a private school...

Dear Aohua parents,

for the kids,

You should prepare your wallet early

– END-

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