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Homepage Advertising Quotation

The advertising space is shown as an example on the left. Please refer to the homepage of the website for the specific size.


Quotation and description

Location Size (pixels) Price (yuan/week) Remarks

A1 220×100 330 Flash/Picture

A2 220×100 330 Flash/Picture

A3 220×100 330 Flash/Picture

S4 300×100 550 Flash/Picture

S5 300×100 550 Flash/Picture

S6 300×100 550 Flash/Picture


other instructions:

1. The S position is a site-wide advertising space, which will be displayed on all news pages, section lists, and other community discussion pages.

2. Welcome to provide suggestions for win-win cooperation that benefit Chinatown-China Australia Open and its partners.

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e-mail: [email protected]
QQ or WeChat: 28771796

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