• Can a communist society solve this problem?

    It is really the same thing to talk about the evil capitalism. Christmas and New Year have made Melbourne people insecure and at a loss with all their belongings under the tree.What about government-aided housing and low-income protection?

    Can a communist society solve this problem?

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  • Configure a UPS for Synology NAS

    There is a long line in this computer accessories store in Melbourne city, and it has not been affected by the epidemic. By the way, Merry Christmas

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  • Repair the home power inlet box

    Today, a guest called and said that the strong wind in Victoria cut off the wires of her villa last night, and the power company has been asked to cut off the wires, but the junction box of the home needs to be moved. , Because the wooden board under the rain gutter that installed the hook Zhuangzi was torn.Here you will see a double power supply warning sign on the junction box. That is to say, although the power supply of the power company is cut off, the solar energy on the roof still has electricity, so it is very dangerous.You need to find a professional electrician to remove the wiring post, wait for the wooden board under the rain trough to be repaired, and then put the power access box back in, and then find the power company to restore power.Many households in Australia are directly suspended from telephone poles to our Chinese friends’ villas, and they are usually fixed on the wooden board under the rain gutter. In the event of severe weather and heavy rain, it is very likely. Blow off the dangling wire, even like the customer's, even the wooden board below.Pay special attention here. If the wire falls on the ground, do not approach it. Call a licensed electrician and power company immediately to solve it! Because the electricity is invisible and can not be smelled, but it may kill you For your life, don't be kidding.

    Repair the home power inlet box

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