Privacy and Terms of Service

It is Chinatown’s legal obligation to delete illegal information in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.A third party was entrusted to file a complaint, and Chinatown did not contact any intermediaryCooperate in this business.

XNUMX. Privacy Policy
1. Chinatown does not disclose to the public or provide a third party with the registration information of a single user and the non-public content stored on this website by the user when using network services, except in the following cases:
(1) Obtain the user's clarification in advance;
(2) According to relevant laws and regulations;
(3) In accordance with the requirements of relevant government departments;
(4) To safeguard the interests of the public.
2. This website may cooperate with a third party to provide users with relevant network services. In this case, if the third party agrees to assume the same responsibility for protecting user privacy as this website, this website has the right to transfer the user's registration information Etc. to the third party.
3. Under the premise of not disclosing the privacy information of a single user, this website has the right to carry out the entire user databaseAnd commercial use of user database.

XNUMX. Copyright Statement

1. Any content published by users and uploaded to this website, this website enjoys permanent, irrevocable, free, and non-exclusive rights to use and transfer in any form and carrier worldwide.The rights include but are not limited to modification, reproduction, distribution, exhibition, adaptation, compilation, publication, translation, information network communication, broadcasting, performance and reproduction, and other rights determined by laws and regulations such as the Copyright Law.
2. Unique logo and layout of this websiteThe copyrights of, layout method, etc. belong to this website, without the permission of this website, any copying or reprinting is not allowed.
3. The information that users obtain from the services of this website may not be copied or reprinted without the permission of this website.
4. Any content used on this website should be marked "from Chinatown (https://news.china.com.au)" and the name of the author on the site. If the author's remuneration is required by law, the website and the author should be notified And pay the author's remuneration, and bear all legal responsibilities independently.
5. All user-produced content on this website only represents the author's own position and opinions, and has nothing to do with this website. The author himself bears all legal responsibilities.
6. If the content of this website is reproduced maliciously, this website reserves the right to take it to law.

XNUMX. Information report
For a well-maintained network, If user-produced content iscontainIf the content is prohibited by law, Chinatown will delete the content.At the same time, welcomeReportMessage to jub@china.com.au, we will deal with it in time.
In order for us to find the illegal content in time, and deal with it in time. Please explain in detail when reporting:
1. Violation content
2. The author of the post (site ID)
3. Posting time
4. If personal privacy content is involved, please attach personal identification documents when making a complaint

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