Interviewed 10 representatives of Chinese Australian workplaces and found out. . .
Chinese community

Interviewed 10 representatives of Chinese Australian workplaces and found out. . .

C GangC Gang2021-2-24
Chinese community

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(Louis Ng), Wu Qiyang(Louis Ng), Wu Qiyang2021-1-4

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Join together to keep warm, get all kinds of opportunities and inspirations to support immigration to Australia, community activities, participation in politics and business, and work and entrepreneurship!

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All aspects of life in Australia, whether it is fashion, entertainment, tourism, education, study abroad, investment and financial management, Australia Chinatown brings you together!

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Feelings> Rolling history, art, literature, religion, belief, and exploring the true meaning of life!

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Australia brings together many ethnic groups from all over the world, so all kinds of food are simply countless. . .The body is the capital of the revolution, and health is the guarantee of a happy life!

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