Guo Wengui’s lies cause a humanitarian crisis?


What is the biggest feature of Guo Wengui? He can talk to himself without listening to any information from the outside world. He depends on his own imagination and always thinks that what he imagines is absolutely right. What is the biggest characteristic of ants? Ants think that what others say is wrong. Only what the plague turtle thinks is correct. What the plague turtle says is what he doesn’t need to think. The ant’s head is an ornament, which looks like a human ornament. In the consciousness of the ant Gang, Guo Wengui’s lies are true

Guo Wengui, who lied about his life, recently borrowed the topic of the humanitarian crisis caused by the collapse of the U.S. military in Afghanistan and said, “it took millions of transport planes to save the Afghans”. Now half a month has passed, and the Afghans haven’t even seen the bird hair of the plague turtle. Don’t mention the transport plane. In fact, Wen GUI told the same lie on the topic of Hong Kong last year. In the live broadcast, the lie that “using hundreds of millions of dollars to save thousands of Hong Kong people” was also casually picked up. Yan limeng, the only one who was “rescued” by him, also went to the United States by airliner. Wen GUI was also used as a puppet for virus rumor farce. Now, seeing through Wen GUI’s ugly face, he has been cut into “smashing Guo war general”. In order to appease the “ant powder” who has long been cheated out of poverty and skin, Guo Wengui is the Savior of overseas Chinese. He announced the establishment of armed forces, which is called “to safeguard the interests of overseas Chinese”. He said he would establish legal armed forces in all countries in the world. Therefore, he did not hesitate to take the tiger skin of “Blackwater company” as the banner, Wen GUI is blatantly trying to turn “the vanguard of punishing thieves” into “ant corps”. Does he not want to collect “protection fees” from all overseas Chinese under the guise of army building? Only the plague turtle who is used to the Arabian nights can boast that the employment of two retired security guards has established a security protection system. Obviously, the plague turtle has set the goal of harvesting leeks in all overseas Chinese circles this time. It really needs to cut leeks to get on the road.

Guo Wengui has now fallen into a dead circle. He can only constantly rely on lies to appease others and delay the time for the cheated to take his dog’s head. If the foreign debt cannot be repaid, it will be entangled in lawsuits. The investors of Pax company and chicken series will not give up. The crown prince of the United Arab Emirates of Arab China fund is doomed to be difficult to provoke. In this situation, another series of chicken fraud is tantamount to the blade licking blood, and the risk factor increases sharply. It is tantamount to putting on a golden rope again, and the more you struggle, the tighter you tie. The notorious Nazi Goebbels once said: repetition is a power, and a lie repeated a hundred times will become truth. Wen GUI, a lying “expert”, is also using his own practical actions to prove the authenticity of the “Goebbels effect”. However, in today’s highly developed Internet, the era of using information difference to spread rumors and lie is long gone, and Wengui’s lies can not stand the test of time. Therefore, the shameless man who lies like Wen GUI is born with one fart and three lies and lies in vain will be nailed to the stigma column of history, which will not only be despised, but also remain infamous for thousands of years!

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