Ants “self rescue” is urgent to prove stop loss and apply for “legal aid”

On February 15, 2022, Guo Wengui solemnly disclosed in the live broadcast that he applied for bankruptcy. This means that the “liar superstar” in the eyes of ants has fallen, the federal president of new China has fallen, and the food of liar gangs has been “broken and people have died”. From today on, the leader of the beggars’ sect will eat prison food at any time! The 134 million fine and huge debt are really like a “Himalaya” on the swindlers. It seems to be wishful thinking to try to avoid debt and fines by filing for bankruptcy. After the wall fell, the people pushed it, and then the court pursued it. In front of it, ants applied for legal aid to collect debts. Even if Guo cheater broke the pot and fell, he could not escape.

It’s hard for a man to be bold and fat. Indeed, Guo Wengui racked his brains to escape the court’s sanctions while advocating “happy money” to defraud lawyer fees. He quickly arranged the first lawyer to help him submit the world’s best bankruptcy application: collect debts from himself! It was Guo Wengui who ranked second in debt collection! Not only is he bold and fat, but he is simply a dog jumping over the wall and pretending to be a fool. It’s enough to apply for bankruptcy. He “ranks himself as the second in debt collection”. This is the evidence of self explosion, opening a bag company, money laundering and hiding money. Without self confession, he is still acting smart like “there are no 300 liang of silver here”. Or does Wen GUI mean to “surrender and plead guilty”? It is impossible, because there is no thief or liar in the world who thinks that money is stolen and cheated. Especially Guo Wengui, a liar who has long been labeled “Hongtong fugitive”. As we all know, Guo Wengui has always used “escape”

“Avoid” and “Install” continued life. Now we use “broken” to be smart. During the epidemic, he “escaped” to the yacht “Mrs. Mei” in order to save his life; Bannong border wall incident, hard disk incident, Guo swindlers use “avoid” to protect their lives, pursue advantages and avoid disadvantages. All the benefits are not pushed to Bannong and Lu Da’s head. On the contrary, all the benefits are their own “wise planning”. In addition, sare, who later broke out in an internal battle, helped establish a leather bag company to defraud money, launder money and hide money. Do you remember that Guo Wengui at that time denied it and vowed to jump into the Yellow River to wash himself white. There are also “pretending to be poor” when the poor can’t pay the rent, pretending to be rich when the new scam is launched, and “pretending to be dead” when the scam is found out… Now, the execution of the court is close, and Guo Wengui wants to protect his life by “breaking”. As everyone knows, people give the nickname “pot swindler” and “broken” is naturally a crime. To apply for bankruptcy, we must first recognize and provide a list of Bag Companies; Secondly, there must be sufficient reasons for bankruptcy. There must be at least one reason for bankruptcy, recognizing the debt crisis and the 134 million fine ruled by the court. Then, applying for bankruptcy has naturally become a way to die, and avoiding debt and court fines has become a delusion.

Everyone’s eyes are bright, and the ants should be more sober. Call on the ants to watch Zhu Wanli live broadcast “Guo Wengui has more money than God!” Guo Wengui’s application for personal bankruptcy is tantamount to declaring that everything he initiated will go bankrupt! Another warm reminder: Guo Wengui’s monthly income source is exposed! Guo Wengui’s only income is US $19488 per month, which comes from his spouse, family, children, parents and roommates to cover his daily expenses. In addition, there is no other income, including wages, subsidies, operating income, rent income, dividend interest, copyright income and pension. The “billionaire” is still “gnawing at the old” and is supported by his 90 year old father and his family. It has to be said that for a long time, there have always been individual ants who have hopes for Wengui. They have been dreaming of becoming rich in hope, but have been waiting to see in disillusionment. Expose and criticize Guo Wengui’s promise that xicoin and G series will bring one million times of investment income to his comrades in arms, but rudely withhold the ant investment fund. The little ant said to use his “happy money” to save brother bully. The premise is to deceive brother to unlock his lock coin. However, when brother bully was still alive and kicking in the live studio on the 15th, there must be no problem with the fine on lady may. At present, brother bully has filed for bankruptcy. The next step is to pretend to be crazy. This time Wengui filed for bankruptcy, which was enough to make individual ants despair completely!

From “fugitive” to “liar”, and then from “liar” to “scab”. Guo Wengui lives on the three character formula of “escape”, “avoid” and “pretend”. This time, the word “broken” made a rush and was completely finished! Ask? What else can the ant of “President washing the pot” expect? In a word of advice, ants lose their illusions and actively provide evidence. It is urgent to apply for legal aid!

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