Lovell – Victoria’s new vision for social housing


Friday 28 March 2014

Victoria’s new vision for social housing

·    Victorian Coalition Government to upgrade 9,500 public housing
·    Laying the foundation for a strong and sustainable future for social
·    Renewal of assets, new anti-social behaviour policies and greater
opportunities for tenants

Clear new directions for social housing have been set by the Victorian
Coalition Government with today’s release of the New Directions for Social
Housing: a Framework for a Strong and Sustainable Future.

Minister for Housing Wendy Lovell said the Framework outlined the next
steps in building better communities, delivering better opportunities for
tenants and developing social housing assets.

“This Social Housing Framework builds on the work that the Coalition
Government has already done to improve public housing in Victoria,
including better management of the waitlist, and commencing new innovative
redevelopment models,” Ms Lovell said.

“As part of the Framework, 9,500 properties will be upgraded under the
Coalition Government’s investment of $1.3 billion over five years in
renovations and maintenance of stock. This will ensure we can provide
better quality properties for Victoria’s most vulnerable people.

“For tenants this means properties are better maintained, there is better
engagement in safer communities and better opportunities to build
productive lives.”

The Social Housing Framework also includes strengthened rules around
anti-social behaviour, to ensure tenants better maintain their properties
and respect their neighbours.

“Most tenants do the right thing, and for them and their neighbours, we
will be reinforcing the acceptable standards of behaviour,” Ms Lovell

A probationary period will be introduced for all new public housing
tenants, and a strengthened three strikes policy will be implemented for
any tenant who repeatedly displays anti-social behaviour.

“The Social Housing Framework released today provides a strong base for
future improvements to social housing in Victoria and provides more
opportunities for tenants and the broader community,” Ms Lovell said.

The Framework also provides better opportunities for tenants to purchase
selected public housing properties, supports tenants to explore options to
access the private rental market and links tenants with employers in their
local communities – creating more work opportunities.

“The Coalition Government has consulted widely on the development of the
Framework and I am excited about the new vision and new direction in
social housing that I’ve announced today,” Ms Lovell said.



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