A recent survey found that Australian single parents have a positive attitude towards the physical and mental health of their children, but they are more ambivalent about their economic income.

Researchers from the Australian Institute of Family Studies interviewed more than 6000 parents who separated from July 2010 to December 7 and found that 2011% of Australian families are single-parent families.

The survey results show that more than 90% of single parents are satisfied with the physical and mental health of their school-age children. Four out of five single parents are satisfied with their current relationship with their children. Only 45% of parents are very satisfied with the existing "complete" families, and one factor that pulls down this data is domestic violence. Seven out of 10 single parents expressed "very satisfied" with their personal safety and physical condition, while one-third of single parents expressed dissatisfaction with their financial situation. Generally speaking, single mothers are more satisfied than single fathers. "

More than two-thirds of the parents said they had experienced a lot of financial difficulties after separation. Compared with the national average annual living income of non-divorced families with children of 11.32 yuan, only 6.14 yuan for single-parent families.

Eva Schmalkuche recently broke up with his fiancé and took his child Jaxson alone. She said that after separating from her fiance, it was easier. At first, Jaxson was worried and confused about the separation of his parents, but after the parents coordinated and took care of the time, he was relieved a lot. Schmalkuche has a full-time job and is also studying for a master's degree. She took Jaxson to live with her family, but also paid the rent. Unlike other single parents, Schmalkuche said that he is good at financial management, so he did not feel financial pressure.

参加调查的单身家长中,有三分之一表示自己和前任能友好相处及合作;20%表示曾遭家暴;44%表示曾遭到精神虐待。调查中,单身父亲的平均年龄为 38岁,单身母亲为35岁。多数单亲家庭有一个或两个年龄在5岁到11岁之间的孩子;53%的孩子晚上多数呆在母亲家里。调查的单亲家长离异时间平均为 17个月,仅有四分之一的单亲家长已找到了新伴侣。