Australia-The Sydney funeral has a big oolong!The corpses of two elderly people were misplaced in the funeral home, and the family was in grief (Photos) | Australia Chinatown

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上周五,当Despina Nicolopoulos在葬礼上为57岁的丈夫送行时,发现了这个错误。



Despina Nicolopoulos去世的丈夫(图片来源:澳洲七号台新闻)



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Despina Nicolopoulos(左)(图片来源:澳洲七号台新闻)


殡仪馆Euro Funeral Services表示,这次出错的原因是因为一项例行程序出了问题。

“程序通常是,会有人在盖上棺材板之前核对尸体的身份,但这一程序没有被遵守,”殡仪馆的Spiro Haralambous说道。



p style=”text-align: center”> (picture source: News from Australia XNUMXth)






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